Learning is urgent

I’ve never questioned the importance of learning, but only in recent years have I realized how urgent it is.  In many ways, learning is like saving for retirement.  A young man won’t consider retirement much but is told of its importance early.  He may not realize just how important it is until his youth is gone and he […]

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Practice makes perfect

  I believe that the mark of a great quote is that it will be immediately relevant when you first hear of it as a kid (or in general when you have a shallow understanding of it) but gains increasing relevance as you grow wiser (and have a deeper appreciation for it). Practice makes perfect is […]

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Moderation in most things

I briefly considered making the title of this post moderation in all things but then stopped myself because that’s not moderate. Throughout my life, my mom has often advised me to take things in moderation and try to find the right balance.  This usually happens when I excitedly tell her about some new exciting thing I’m going to try […]

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Book Review: Extreme Ownership

I just finished listening to Extreme ownership, and it might just be the best book on leadership I ever consumed. I found out about this book through a Tim Ferris podcast episode where he interviewed Jocko Willink (one of the authors).  While I was initially skeptical that a couple of navy SEAL officers could write a book on leadership that would be relevant for […]

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What are you optimizing for?

Asking the right questions is an important skill fundamental to critical thinking and effective communication.  I’ve come to realize that it’s not only a useful skill externally (in dealing with others) but also very useful internally (in thinking for myself).  One question I find myself asking increasingly more often is what are you optimizing for?

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Goal: Write more

Writing more is one of those goals that slowly materialized for me nearing the end of last year to the beginning of this year.  It really hit home to me during the annual review period at work earlier this year when I had to struggle through writing many peer, direct report, self and upward reviews.  More recently, I was encouraged […]

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Measure it, and it will improve

For Q1 update, I’m going to focus on fitness because it’s the easiest one to talk about and probably the most measurable of my goals.  I have a scale and a blood pressure monitor and I’ve been taking measurements once a week, usually on the Sunday morning when I get up.  I’m a firm believer that […]

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Seven years, seven goals

One of the book series I really enjoyed this year is the ‘Lightbringer‘ series by Brent Weeks. In the fictional Lightbringer world, people who wield power/magic die faster with its use. The main character Gavin is known as the “Prism”, who is the most powerful person in the world – but he has only seven […]

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