Seven years, seven goals

One of the book series I really enjoyed this year is the ‘Lightbringer‘ series by Brent Weeks. In the fictional Lightbringer world, people who wield power/magic die faster with its use. The main character Gavin is known as the “Prism”, who is the most powerful person in the world – but he has only seven years to live. One of the main themes in this series then, is Gavin’s own seven great goals that he’s set for himself over his estimated seven years of life left.  Another interesting thing about this series is how accepted the notion is that these magic users will have a shorter life span and without spoiling the content of the book too much, they basically willingly end their lives at a rather young age because it is the social norm.

Now, age and mortality is a topic that I’ve thought about a lot. My basic view on this subject is that it sucks that we all get old and expire, and that the world would be a better place if could live to longer (or become immortal) while still being healthy/productive. I could rant a lot on this topic, but that’s really not the purpose of this post.

I’m 27 now and about to be 28 in less than 1 month. In seven years, I’ll be almost 35 (which, in my current view is pretty much the last age that I could consider myself as kind of young) and this is a fine time to set seven great goals for myself in the next seven years.

Seven years, seven goals

  1. Live healthier
  2. Develop at least 3 new hobbies
  3. Gain mastery in an area I’m passionate about
  4. Have a major career change
  5. Get married
  6. Have children
  7. To be determined

Now, for each of these I will need metrics to hold myself accountable.  So perhaps a table is appropriate.  Except it seems I can’t make one with WordPress, it would be nice if I was using Office Web Apps as an editing surface now instead of WordPress…  Fixed.

Well, I guess I’m all set for now.  I’ll hopefully check back each year to see how I’m doing and update this as time goes on.

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