Pondering: Leadership, Cryptocurrency, the Universe

Long time no write!  I still want to write more but it’s tough to convince myself it’s worth the time most days.  My goal is still to be as brief and unfiltered as I can allow myself to get away with for a public post that probably no one will read =)

Leadership, crytocurrency and the universe are three largely unrelated things that have been on my mind a lot over the past week.

Leadership & Management:

I went from being intrigued to super impressed with Andreessen Horowitz (the company) over the weekend, initially through my investigations into cryptocurrency (see below) but then was delighted to find out they have some exceptional pieces on leadership (esp from Ben Horowitz, author of the Hard Thing about Hard Things).  Here are some good stuff I consumed (and may one day fully grok) after searching through their site and podcasts:


What I’m pondering:

  • How or when should you do a re-org?
    • First thing is to establish with all stakeholders what the problem is
  • How do you determine the optimal organization structure to re-org to?



The whole area is exploding, I’m starting to seriously look into this as a potential area for long term investment.  BitCoin is cool, but Ethereum might just be the shit.  Thus far I’ve gotten a general lay of the land through looking through reddit, listening to a few podcasts and reading up on the key people involved in Ethereum.  It’s all very exciting but it’s tough to tell if it’s people drinking each other’s koolaid or not.

My current thesis is that it’s likely not just hype, and this really started as I began tracing the people who are involved in the space.  Andreesen Horowitz appears to be one of the main VCs funding Cryptocurrency startups and I’ve already gained a healthy amount of respect for them just this weekend.

Since Ethereum is at an all time high… my current plan would be to dollar cost average into it.  More investigations to come, I’ve ordered a book on Ethereum and will continue to make sense of what I can while managing that FOMO.

People to research:

Podcasts to listen / re-listen to:

The lists above are by no means exhaustive or even particularly curated.  Just a beginning, if anyone else have suggestions for either people or info I should consume, please shout it out!

The Universe

This isn’t a new thing for me but perhaps a growing fascination stemming from my investigations into stoicism (circa 2016).  Currently consuming in parallel:

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