Learning is urgent

I’ve never questioned the importance of learning, but only in recent years have I realized how urgent it is.  In many ways, learning is like saving for retirement.  A young man won’t consider retirement much but is told of its importance early.  He may not realize just how important it is until his youth is gone and he […]

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Practice makes perfect

  I believe that the mark of a great quote is that it will be immediately relevant when you first hear of it as a kid (or in general when you have a shallow understanding of it) but gains increasing relevance as you grow wiser (and have a deeper appreciation for it). Practice makes perfect is […]

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Book Review: Extreme Ownership

I just finished listening to Extreme ownership, and it might just be the best book on leadership I ever consumed. I found out about this book through a Tim Ferris podcast episode where he interviewed Jocko Willink (one of the authors).  While I was initially skeptical that a couple of navy SEAL officers could write a book on leadership that would be relevant for […]

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