Learning is urgent

I’ve never questioned the importance of learning, but only in recent years have I realized how urgent it is.  In many ways, learning is like saving for retirement.  A young man won’t consider retirement much but is told of its importance early.  He may not realize just how important it is until his youth is gone and he […]

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Practice makes perfect

  I believe that the mark of a great quote is that it will be immediately relevant when you first hear of it as a kid (or in general when you have a shallow understanding of it) but gains increasing relevance as you grow wiser (and have a deeper appreciation for it). Practice makes perfect is […]

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Goal: Write more

Writing more is one of those goals that slowly materialized for me nearing the end of last year to the beginning of this year.  It really hit home to me during the annual review period at work earlier this year when I had to struggle through writing many peer, direct report, self and upward reviews.  More recently, I was encouraged […]

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